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Transformation of 180 E.ON locations in Germany


Realisation: 2015 – 2016
Client: E.ON / RGN brand identity services
Services: energy supplier

About E.ON

E.ON is a major investor-owned energy supplier. At facilities across Europe, Russia, and North America, their more than 62,000 employees generated approx. EUR122.5 billion in sales in 2013. E.ON supplies around 35 million customers with energy.

With their strategy cleaner & better energy they’re transforming E.ON into a global provider of specialized energy solutions which will benefit their employees, customers, and investors alike.



Faced with dramatically altered global energy markets, technical innovation, and more diverse customer expectations, energy companies need to reinvent themselves. E.ON is responding early to the new market environment by dividing its business operations into two companies:

  • It will create Uniper: a new, independent company comprising conventional generation, global energy supply & trading, and exploration & production activities, and
  • It will develop a new E.ON: which will be focused on renewables, technologically advanced distribution networks, and innovative customer solutions.

As of January 1, 2016, E.ON and Uniper will be operating largely independent of each other, even though they will still belong to one Group. The goal is to rebrand 70 % of the Uniper locations until 31st December 2015

Key points of the contract

The production of the signage for the complete rebranding of its approx. 180 locations. This will also include the delivery of the signage at every location.

Sign elements:
Approx. 80 Pylons: carbon steel frames / cladding made out of aluminium sandwich panels
Approx. 125 Signs: aluminium panels with welded corners / back panels are foamed PVC
Approx. 1.000 Non-Standard signs: safety signs / directional signs / miscellaneous / foil applications